Chicago, Chicago (2006)
Score, live performance and sound design for theatre production.

I have sketchy recollections regarding this production. I can't even recall how I became involved in it, but it was a lot of exhausting fun with a relentless schedule, occasionally devolving into total anarchy. The cast comprised of the second year acting students from AC Arts and the director was the larger than life (both figuratively and literally), Peter 'Dunny' Dunn.

I even can't remember what the play was about, aside from allusions to politcal scandal and corruption. It was pretty wild. There was even a simulated blow job at one point.

For the production's short season I would perform onstage as musical accompanist with one of the students (Ruth) who would sing a psuedo-libretto at the top of each scene. One lasting memory I have is the electric guitar improvisations I would unleash near the end of the show: savaging my Fender Telecaster with metal slides, drum sticks and assorted objects and channelling my inner Hendrix with a totally unhinged version of 'Star Spangled Banner'. Good times.

Several of the cast would go on to have successful careers locally, including Alan Grace and Elliot Howard.

Photo: TLR