Corner & Shadow (After Minard) (2012)
Installation for fifty small loudspeakers, one large high power loudspeaker and amplifier, visible wires and seven-channel audio.

  • May-June 2012: 3D Play Light Square Gallery, Adelaide. Curated by Lorelei Mary & Niki Sperou

    Corner & Shadow resembles the converging lines of a corner - two lines at ground level separated at a 90 degree angle, and a line extending upwards from where the two ground level lines intersect.

    The ground level lines are constructed from an arrangement of 50 small loudspeakers (25 on either side) on the gallery floor which broadcast three specific mid to high frequency bands of a discreet audio signal. The two lines of loudspeakers intersect at the base of a wall in the gallery and two black audio cables are run up the wall to the ceiling in a straight line, resembling the third line extending upwards. This completes the corner of the work.

    In addition to the corner, a large single loudspeaker is suspended from the ceiling above the corner's interior space broadcasting a low frequency audio signal - this is the shadow. The shadow audio signal is intended to create a low frequency 'interior' sonic presence, in contrast to the high frequencies broadcast from the small loudspeakers on the floor rendering the 'walls' of sound. It is anticipated that audience members (upon entering the corner) will distinguish from the 'walls' and 'interior' aspects of the installation, hence creating a unique three dimensional sonic experience.

    This work is also - in part - an homage to my Masters research mentor, German-Canadian sound artist Robin Minard.

  • Photos: TLR.