| ECHO CLINE (2012)

Echo Cline (2012)
Commissioned audio work for headphone installation aboard the Steam Ranger's Centenary Class carriage.

  • October 2012: Southern Encounter Kumawuki, Goolwa.

    Echocline is a commissioned work for Southern Encounter (curated by Sarah Last/WIRED LAB) as part of the Regional Arts Australia National Conference (Kumuwuki) - Goolwa, South Australia - October 2012.

    Echocline is a three-part audio work composed from field recordings made around the Fleurieu and Alexandrina regions - from the coastal areas of Victor Harbor, Granite Island, Port Elliot and Goolwa, the lake settlements - Clayton and Milang and the inland regions of Cox Scrub, Finniss and Sandergrove.

    The concept of Echocline is to evoke the landscape that one observes (and might imagine) along the historic Victor Harbor to Strathalbyn rail journey. Along with the changing visage of the ocean, creeks, rivers, estuaries, wetlands and paddocks, there is also a noticeable change in the sonic landscape. This work essentially brings a composite 'sound image' of the sonic landscapes outside the carriage into the auditory realm of the passenger, emphasising some of the unique sonic characteristics of the coastal and inland environment and its non-human inhabitants (specifically birds.) The title of the work is derived from the term 'ecocline', which is used to denote the transition between one ecosystem and another, where there is no sharp boundary or distinction between the two.

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  • Above: Aboard the Steam Ranger, October 2012; Below: On the road, April 2012-October 2012. Photos: Lauren Playfair & TLR.
    Horseshoe Bay, May 2012.

    Using a DIY hydrophone near the Goolwa Barrages, August 2012.

    Recording in Cox Scrub Conservation Park, August 2012.

    Recording at dawn on Sugars Beach near the Murray Mouth, October 2012.