In early 2013, I began a collaboration with Adelaide-based theatre company, Over the following year I would contribute sound design and scores for three productions: Muff, The Lake and Notoriously Yours.

Muff (2013)
Written by Van Badham
Produced by
Directed by Alison Howard

Season: April-May 2013 - Bakehouse Theatre. Adelaide, South Australia.

My contribution to the production of Muff represents the only occasion - to date - where I took it upon myself to live mix the sound design over the entirety of a production's season. I recall being exhausted by the end of the run, as was much of the crew and cast. Badham's script was intense hard hitting stuff and I endeavoured to present - and essentially, perform - a sonic accompaniment that could match the torrid atmosphere of sex, violence and domestic discord.

The musical theme comprised of woozy synth textures looped backwards and forwards on an Electroharmonix Memory Man, eventually dissolving into feedback. Elsewhere, sounds of a domestic space (showers, oven bells) are met with intrusive abrasions and bursts of noise. One particularly impactful (and terrifying) scene takes place in a nightclub bathroom and culminates in a rape - cue: a cacophony of terror.

The Lake (2013)
Written by Ben Brooker
Produced by
Directed by Edwin Kemp Atril

Season: October 2013 - 'The Arch', Holden Street Theatres. Hindmarsh, South Australia.

On a number of occasions Ben Brooker's script resembles Cormac McCarthy's The Road spliced with an ample quantity of Samuel Beckett. Set in a near-future dystopia, The Lake is a harrowing tale of survival, set in a makeshift dwelling and appropriately staged in the dishevelled environs of Holden Street Theatre's 'The Arch' venue.

Broadcast in four channel audio and surrounding an audience in purposefully cramped seating arrangements, the sound design for The Lake was composed and arranged to heighten the palpable atmosphere of paranoia and impending doom. Thunder crackled and boomed, radio static drifted around the space and a 1980s-era phone bleated out like a wounded animal. A thoroughly upbeat experience!

Notoriously Yours (2014)
Written by Van Badham
Produced by
Directed by Van Badham
Additional sound design: Craig Behenna, Brad Williams & Van Badham.

Seasons: February 2014 - Channel 9 Studios. Adelaide, South Australia; September 2014 - Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland.

One of the great things about working with during this period was the level of ambition which came with each production. Whereas The Lake was innovative in its use of a unconventional staging and seating, Notoriously Yours employed mobile technology to deliver an immersive audience experience.

Based loosely on Alfred Hitchcock's 1946 film, Notorious, Notoriously Yours is essentially a myster-noir tale set in the present day and employing modern-day technologies of smartphones and live streaming.

Due to other commitments, my creative input to the production was supplemented by some of the production crew and Badham, so my recollections of what I actually did are a bit hazy. Nonetheless, it was a thoroughly enjoyable production to be involved in. It won a couple of awards too!

Muff production still. Pictured: Brad Williams, Claire Glenn. Photo: Olivia Zanchetta.

The Lake production still. Pictured: Matt Crook.
Photo: Olivia Zanchetta.

Notoriously Yours Pictured: Brad Williams, Claire Glenn.
Photo: Olivia Zanchetta.