| FREE FLIGHT (2014)

Free Flight (2014)
Sound composition and installation for an exhibition by artist Simone Kennedy.

This exhibition presents the reconstruction of an 'imagined' mother that interprets expressions of loss, joy, ambivalence and horror.

Notes on the composition: A short three-part composition was developed for Simone's exhibition using a series field recordings she had made whilst visting London and the surrounding countryside in 2013. These field recordings were made in subways, outdoor public spaces and the countryside, with frequent emphasis on actions involving movement (walking, vehicles, doors, etc.) The directive given by Simone was for me to employ these actions so as to evoke as continuum of sorts: a journey through interiors/exteriors with varying degrees of momentum.

The finished composition was broadcast into the exhibition space using a set of transducers fixed to the inside of a white plinth.

Image courtesy of Simone Kennedy.