gesto, afectará (2015)
Electro acoustic composition for installation (ciudad imaginada 6.0)

gesto, afectará is a short electro-acoustic work with its source material drawn from field recordings made by Colombian artist, Mario Ortiz Ossa.

The field recordings made by Mario consist of audio events captured in the Colombian city of Cali: street activity, resonant spaces, conversations and the industrial cacophony of a factory.

gesto, afectará explores the 'gesture' and 'affect' of the city's soundscape, with sounds weaved together to create a fragmented and disorientating journey through (and between) the city's interior and exterior locales.

The finished composition was played back on portable devices in a public square in Cali for ciudad imaginada 6.0 in November 2015.

With special thanks and gratitude to Lara Merrington for approaching me to compose this work.

The city square in Cali, Colombia.