| INFUSER (2009)

Infuser (2009)
For teapots, loudspeakers and audio.

  • 2007: (early version): Electronic Music Unit, University of Adelaide, South Australia.
  • 2009: ARI Space (Art of Tea group exhibition), North Adelaide, South Australia.
  • 2011: Format Zine Store (2011 Format Festival), Adelaide, South Australia.
  • 2018: Unley Museum, Unley, South Australia.

    A pre-recorded sound of reinforced resonances from each teapot is played back into that teapot on a three minute loop. What the listener hears is the sound of the teapot playing itself, in essence responding to the sound of itself.

    More conceptually, Infuser speculates the re-contextualising of domestic objects, in this case the teapot reconfigured as a sound object.

    The title is also a slightly punning reference to the process of infusing tea, wherein the case of the work, sound had essentially been ‘infused’ (had its resonances reinforced) to create each sound recording.

    Infuser can be read about in greater detail in my Masters exegesis, Still & Moving Lines: Listening and Signification in Sound Art which can be found at Academia - here.