Life Is Short And Long (2016)
Sound design for theatre production written and performed by Emma Beech.

Production: October 2016, Vitalstatistix. Port Adelaide, South Australia.

Concept, text, direction and performance: Emma Beech
Co-director: Tessa Leong
Designers: Meg Wilson and Michelle 'Maddog' Delaney
Sound designer: Tristan Louth-Robins
Performer and assistant stage manager: Tim Overton

Life Is Short and Long is a performance installation created from three years of travel yarns and investigation of how people respond to crisis and change.

Performance-maker Emma Beech turns a bitter-sweet catalogue of human resilience in the seemingly disparate locations of Barcelona, Wirrabara in the mid-North of South Australia, and Port Adelaide, into a magical, witty and occasionally utopian meditation on human nature.

Notes regarding the sound design:

One of the key elements of this work was a purpose built 'forest' designed and constructed by Meg Wilson and Michelle 'Maddog' Delaney. The forest consisted of lengths of PVC pipes resembling the trunks of trees, whilst dark woodchips and soil were scattered across the floor. An array of vivid lighting was diffused within and through the forest space. Each evening, prior to performance an audience would journey through the forest to the allocated seating area.

Within this forest space I positioned an array of loudspeakers to broadcast eight channels of audio. Prior to the performance - as audiences made their way through the forest - two sound compositions would be played back simultaneously, with sounds traversing to the speaker array, evoking an undefined sound ecology which existed within this space. The material for the sound compositions was drawn primarily from field recordings made in Port Adelaide and Wirrabara.

Emma Beech. Photo courtesy of Vitalstatistix.

The LISAL 'Forest'. Photo: TLR.