Re imagining the mother (2015)
Sound composition and installation for an exhibition by artist Simone Kennedy.

This exhibition presents the reconstruction of an 'imagined' mother that interprets expressions of loss, joy, ambivalence and horror.

Notes on the sound installation: The source material for the composition is derived from the "Coronation Street" theme - originally composed by Eric Spear. The theme has been digitally processed so that the tonal structure of the melody is stretched out and audibly smeared, whilst the original pitch is maintained. The harmonic structure and texture of this reimagined theme is extrapolated and looped over four repetitions.

Within the SASA space the composition is played back on continous loop and broadcast from two mounted speakers at a moderate volume so that it is acoustically confined to a specific area of SASA space, but yet is able to gently reverberate and diffuse through the remainder of the exhibition space.

Installation in-situ at SASA Gallery, August 2015. Photo: Simone Kennedy