| NEW WAVE (2015)

New Wave (2015)
Installation for Max/MSP, responsive surfaces and found objects

  • December 2015-January 2016: Transfiguring FELT Space, Adelaide. Curated by Serena Wong.

    New Wave is a responsive sound sculpture consisting of three shelves fitted with concealed transducers that are responsive to vibrational activity. The flotsam atop the three shelves are remnants removed from their underwater terrain, which when moved scraped or dragged across the surface of the shelves add to the turbulence of the soundscape.

    Each of the shelves occupy a set frequency range: high, mid-range and low frequency bands respectively. Listeners are encouraged to tap, swipe, scratch, scrape even move objects from shelf to shelf to create new visual and sonic configurations.

    With thanks and gratitude to Serena Wong and the team at Felt Space.

    Video documentation can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

  • Transfiguring group exhibition opening, FELT Space. December 2015. Photos: TLR.