| NUDE (2011)

Nude (2011 [destroyed in 2016])
Ephemeral land sculpture.

Nude was constructed on July 11th 2011 from found materials on a remote beach located between Lady Bay and Wirrina Cove on the Western coastline of the Fleurieu Peninsula. The first video below documents the construction of the sculpture with an audio track of field recordings made around the location of the sculpture.

In the following years the scuplture has been visited with images and video documenting its gradual deterioration.

  • Documentation 1: April 2012.
  • Documentation 2: May 2013.
  • Documentation 3: July 2014.
  • Documentation 4: May 2015.
  • Documentation 5: August 2016.

    Following severe storms in the winter of 2016, the sculpture was largely destroyed. (see Documentation 5 and video document below - August 2016.)
  • Scroll down for video documentation.

    In addition to the video documentation below, you can read an extended text which covers the origins and motivations for the work's creation and its connotations to aspects of solastalgia and memory.

  • Blog link: "Distance & Decay: Revisiting journeys south of Lady Bay and the construction of the land sculpture, Nude"

  • The site for Nude prior to construction, July 2011.
    Completed, July 2011.

    Documentation 1, April 2012.

    Documentation 2, May 2013.

    Documentation 3, July 2014.

    Documentation 4, May 2015.

    Documentation 5, August 2016.