| RED EYES (2014)

Red Eyes (2014)
Short film made to accompany "Red Eyes" from the album, The Door Into Summer.

“Red Eyes” is a track composed for my 2015 self-released album, The Door Into Summer. The album itself is an intensely personal record, largely chronicling a period of routinely visiting my mum and her partner (technically my step-father) prior to his death in April 2013.

“Red Eyes” is characterised by repetitions of processed guitar tones - layers of organ-like chord patterns and tones, plucked arpeggios - gradually being enveloped by discreet feedback and reverberation.

This is one my favourite piece of music that I’ve composed and upon completing it I felt that it should be accompanied by a sequence of still images; to somewhat break up the repetitions of the music, yet compliment the relatively staid and hazy musical texture.

The visual material is drawn from a film stock shot on my partner’s digital camera - an SLR capable of shooting high resolution video with the bonus of a focus pull to achieve some depth of field. The scenery and objects consist of our backyard in Lower Mitcham. Most of the footage was shot during the beginning of summer in 2014 (December) with late afternoon light. I was interested in capturing still objects and surfaces undergoing very slight physical movements or affected by fluctuation in light - emphasising their details, their juxtaposition with surrounding objects or inherent fragility. I feel as though this sequence of images compliments and enhances a very personal and poignant piece of music.