| RESIDUE (2018)

Residue (2018)
Joint intervention with artist, Andrew Smith. Created during artist residency at Sauerbier House Culture Exchange.

Along with my solo work, Compression (2018), one of the great pleasures of my artist residency at Sauerbier House Culture Exchange was working in-situ with Welsh artist, Andrew Smith. Toward the end of our respective residencies we worked on a joint intervention for Sauerbier House’s ‘washroom’ space. Residue is the outcome of conversations between myself and Andrew with reference to the local landscape - its colours, light, gestures and atmospheres.

A shout-out to Japanese/German-based sound artist, Miki Yui (who is thanked in the video) whose wonderful albums, Mills (2018) and Silence Resounding (2003) were a continual - quiet - presence in my studio space during the residency; which no doubt inspired and informed the composition of the Residue and Compression audio.