Sounds From Level Four (2006)
Composition/installation in collaboration with Shoot Collective and VAF Research.

The video/audio component of the work can be found at the footer of this page.

The following description of the work in courtesy of Shoot Collective.

The exhibition Sounds from Level Four aimed to compel the viewer to question the differing dimensions of human experience that can be culturally or personally confining, whether they are literal, products of the mind, or whether individually or as part of a cultural grouping we choose to blind ourselves to truths.

The exhibition’s visual structure was designed around four elevator doors. The ‘elevator’ construct forms the basis for the moving image exhibition, projected then reflected from the surface of a ‘Sound Wall’, a patented flat wall modular sound system created by VAF Research that broadcasted the emanations of the soundscape directly from the projection imagery.

By nature, elevators are confined uncomfortable public spaces, places where one’s personal space is invaded on a daily basis. Spaces where people journey together, often confined and uneasy not knowing where to turn their gaze.

We can feel confined in an elevator, in society, subconsciously via the media, or even by our own psyche. In Sounds from Level Four, the imagery is obscured with faces out-of-focus or hidden. Circumstances are falsely misinterpreted through the need for instant analysis, representing a blindness of sorts caused by this confinement or restriction of information.

Sounds from Level Four also discussed reactions to media’s selective sound grabs & photo opportunities and the way this can lead to a heightened anxiety as the whole story is often incomplete. The work was not comforting but deliberately attempted to put the viewer on edge so as to create uneasiness about the effect confinement can have on society.

Sounds from Level Four was a new-media exhibition as part of the 2006 Adelaide Fringe, comprising a visual art film with original soundscape and installation elements. Located in the Exhibition Space at the South Australian Museum, the show contained sound and unusual lighting to unsettle and disorientate viewers as they moved through the space and eventually to the projected work, the art film created by Shoot with sound artist Tristan Louth-Robins, projected onto a large sound wall.

Shoot artists Jenn Brazier, Edward James, Ryan Sims and Danielle Walpole created this exhibition and all visual elements collaboratively, and commissioned sound artist Tristan Louth-Robins to create the sound elements along with graphic art by Pascale Porquier.

Sounds from Level Four was nominated for two awards: an AbaF award for 'Partnerships with Small Business’ for their collaboration with VAF Research, Adelaide, and an Adelaide Fringe Award for 'Best Visual Art Exhibition, 2006’.

Image courtesy of Shoot Collective.

Sounds From Level Four in situ. Photo: TLR