| STRANGER (2015)

Stranger (2015)
Sound installation exhibited as part of Vitalstatistix's Climate Century.

Stranger is a response to research and discussions concerning the impact of climate change in the Port District, and its likely affect on local ecosystems, inhabitants and man-made infrastructure. This work presents the listener with an auditory landscape from a hypothesised future, whereby a single entity remains with its lonely utterance; projecting its transmuted voice (derived from a now disappeared organism) into an empty field.

The work consists of a four-channel sound installation, comprising of small loudspeakers positioned in the stairwell and upstairs area leading to the Weiman Room. The sound material is derived from a single source - that of Snapping Shrimp, which were recorded in the Port Inlet using hydrophones (underwater microphones). The sound that Snapping Shrimp generate is distinct: consisting of loud crackles and pops, not too dissimilar to the sound of electrical interference or the frying of seeds or nuts. For the purpose of this work, the sound material has been resynthesised to generate new sound textures, which are intended to be evocative of certain sounds, yet remain perceptively dislocated from their original sound source.

With thanks and gratitude to Vitalstatistix and Sasha Grbich.

Detail of upstairs installation, November 2015. Photo: TLR