| THIS STORM (2016)

This Storm (2016)
Sound design/score for theatre production (The UnRest Cure).

Production: Feb-March 2016 - Adelaide Fringe Festival

In three short plays by exciting emerging playwright Ben Brooker, This Storm asks the big questions about where technology, democracy, and human relationships are headed in the 21st century. In the style of cult TV series Black Mirror, each play is set ‘fifteen minutes into the future’ and interrogates a dark aspect of social and/or technological progress.

In 'Dead Birds', the issue of autonomous weapons is investigated through the eyes of a grieving father; in 'Point/Click', a couple wait anxiously for a life-saving delivery in a society grown lonely through convenience and technological innovation; and finally, in 'Small Government', an idealistic young woman tracks down the government’s final remaining representative in a city overrun by corporations.

Each play challenges us to consider the human cost of technological change and the erosion of democracy, and, ultimately, what the real meaning of progress is in a world that is flying blind into an uncertain future.

For this production's musical score, I composed the main theme (opening and reprise) and two segues on a Korg synthesiser and bass guitar. Inspiration was drawn from retro-futurist 1970s library music, Cluster as well as dystopian themes informing Black Mirror, Quartermass,

Photo: Lauren Playfair.