Translations (2006)
For sine waves and amplified acoustic guitar.

Translations is composed in the spirit of the work of Alvin Lucier (specifically Sounds From The Bridge (1978), insofar that it examines the resonant properties of a conventional instrument through the use of pure waves. There a three key components to the work - 1) the continual playback of sequenced pure waves from a laptop, 2) the broadcast of these pure waves from a loudspeaker and the resultant resonance of the acoustic guitars strings which sympathetically resonate in accordance to the frequency of the waves, and 3) the incidental feedback generated by the close position of the loudspeaker and the acoustic guitar. Note: the acoustic guitar in this instance is amplified by a transducer pickup positioned beneath the bridge.

Set up for Translations at Tyndall Assembly Concert 1, March 2006. Photos: TLR