This period beings with the ending of one phase and the beginning of another.

In February 2010, I handed in the fruits of a protracted Masters degree in the form of a thesis and a portfolio of creative works, including Infuser (2007) and Sumi (2009).

With an institutionalised life in my wake, I began to stake out an artistic career without the bittersweet presence of an institution which could - depending on my attitude/aptitude at a given point in time - contain, constrain or validate my activities. So in this respect, the first couple of years of this period can be regarded as tentative explorations across a variety of fields. One such field was acoustic ecology, and this is when the Fleurieu Sound Map project began to get underway.

Jumping forward to 2012-13 and this is where installation became my primary focus. The Roil (2012), Corner & Shadow (2012), Echo Cline (2012) and Wentworth Visitation (2013) are works which explore sound and its signification using various methodologies, yet are all consistent with key themes that have informed the majority of my work produced since.

In 2013 I started working with Adelaide-based theatre company, and contributed sound design to three productions - Muff (2013), The Lake (2013) and Notoriously Yours (2014). During this period I also began an association with Port Adelaide-based organisation, Vitalstatistix, producing a work-in-development as part of Adhocracy 2013.

The People's Weather Report (2014)
radio composition

Notoriously Yours (2014)
sound design - theatre

Simone Kennedy: Free Flight (2014) composition for installation

Red Eyes (2014)
short film

The Lake (2013)
sound design - theatre

Reclamation (2013)
work-in-development (Adhocracy)

Muff (2013)
sound design - theatre

Wentworth Visitation (2013)

Echo Cline (2012)

Corner & Shadow (2012)

The Roil (2012)

Sprawls (2011)
Computer generated drawings

Residency & workshop

Nude (2011)

Fleurieu Sound Map (2011-present)
sound map project

Stitchsound (2010)